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eduSTAR Tours is one of the foremost companies focusing on educational student tours. For over 35 years we have made “classrooms come to life” by providing educational tours that concentrate on many cities such as New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Orlando and more. Within each city, we can focus on subject matters such as history, art, drama, business, fashion, and music. Many of our customers have integrated these educational tours into their academic curriculum as they have come to the realization that including a student tour is fundamental to rounding out their students’ education. For example, you can teach your students about history and government and you can expand their knowledge and prospective on this subject through visiting Washington D.C.

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Knowing the importance of student tours, eduSTAR can make it easy for teachers, administrators and parents to achieve their goals of a well-planned educational tour. As a leader in providing educational tours, our staff will become familiar with your group’s objectives and then then customize the perfect student tour.

eduSTAR will provide your group with all-inclusive packages, low prices, simplified payment plans and tailored itineraries to your destination.

Just when the season for school tours ends in June, there is no vacation time for eduSTAR as we provide summer camp tours to any of our destinations, including New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, West Coast tours, Niagara Falls, Los Angeles and more.

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