If you are a band, choir or orchestra, eduSTAR can help you and your students give the performance of a lifetime.  There are many decisions to make regarding your educational music tour. eduSTAR can help you make your decision on destination, festivals, performances and more. eduSTAR works with many festival companies and we are experts on your performances with the touring of the city of your destination.


  • See one or more Broadway Shows
  • Tour of Radio City Music Hall
  • Band or choir performance in NYC
  • Cathedral of St. John The Divine


  • Disney Performing Arts OnStage
  • Festival Disney
  • Universal Studios – Star Performance Program

Music Festivals

If you are a music group and want to participate in a festival, eduSTAR will compliment your festival by having your band, choir or orchestra maximize your festival experience.  Often time, your group may be bored in the city of your destination as you don’t get any assistance from the festival company.

That’s where eduSTAR can help.  If your group is interested in traveling to a certain city and date, our eduSTAR staff will talk to our festival company friends.  Once we have several options, we will present them to you and your group.  Based on your selection, we will maximize your itinerary.

If you need help on the entire package, eduSTAR will talk with some of the festival companies listed below and set up the entire package.