Students Tours – Philadelphia

Philadelphia is resplendent with historical sites, cultural attractions, music, cuisine, and extraordinary architecture. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are obviously must-see attractions, especially for any student or lover of history. Understandably, most student tours will make those a priority. However, student trips can also enjoy taking in the sites at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Eastern State Penitentiary. With so much history to enjoy, it’s important to make a little bit of room for modern art and culture. For nature lovers, the Philadelphia Zoo and Morris Arboretum are also great places to see. Whether you’re a lover of art, history, nature, or all of the above, Philadelphia has a lot to offer.

As a partial repayment of debt, Charles II of England granted William Penn a charter for what would become the Pennsylvania colony. Penn named the city Philadelphia, which is Greek for “brotherly love.” While on this school trip to Philadelphia, your kids will learn of the hosting of the First Continental Congress before the Revolutionary War, the Second Continental Congress, which signed the Declaration of Independence, during the war, and the Constitutional Convention, after the war. Your students will love to absorb the life and legacy of scientific and political impact of Benjamin Franklin, “The First American.”  There are lots to do in this historic city.

Customized Itinerary

While on this educational student tour to Philadelphia, you and your students may see:

Betsy Ross House »

Christ Church »

Congress Hall »

Eastern State Penitentiary »

Franklin Court »

Franklin Institute »

Franklin Square »

Independence Hall »

Independence National Historical Park »

Liberty Bell Center »

National Constitution Center »

National Liberty Museum »

Penn's Landing »

Philadelphia Museum of Art »

Society Hil »

United States Mint »

Valley Forge National Park »

When thinking about your student tour to Philadelphia, you may also consider adding on New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Gettysburg and Penn Dutch.

At eduSTAR, we can customize your itinerary to make your school tour experience well worth it!